My family, boyfriend and I are all off to Martha's Vineyard tomorrow for one of my closest friend's weddings. She has known me since the day I was born and is practically family, so I'm sure to shed a few tears. I've been looking forward to being in Martha's Vineyard in September for a while. It will be fun and different to see my favorite island a little calmer and cooler.
It took me a while to find the right dress for this occasion. There were more than a few variables...I knew it would be chilly at night, so I looked for a maxi dress, we'd be on grass, meaning wedges preferably, I also didn't want anything too trendy or fancy. Alas I found my dress, and it was on sale. Hooray! I promise to take photos while I am there! 
While searching for me, I came across an array of wedding appropriate garbs suitable for any and every type of girl...

Earthy: Silken Stitches Dress $168, Elegant: Watercolor Folds Dress $348, Vintage: Mullany Dress $258

Some Sweet and Sparkly Accessories...

{I'll be posting while I'm in MV and there will be some fun guest posts too, so stay tuned! xx}