I frantically looked for a dress for Las Vegas yesterday with no such luck. Why is it, when you have something specific to buy it is nowhere to be found? Well that's not totally true, I found the perfect dress, but it was $400. Yeah. Not. Happening. 
Ah well, I am determined to make something in my closet work. I did however have incredible shoe luck! Shoes are usually hard for me, I have chubby feet (that look like a 6 year olds) and most cute shoes just don't fit. Yesterday was my day because I found two pairs of shoes that were exactly what I have been looking for and actually fit my feet. A brown wedge and a sexy black heel. To make things better, they were both on sale, score! So I had to share...

Steve Madden Tatianna Wedges $89.95 on website, on sale in store. 
Very similar to these Cynthia Vincent's.

INC Marona Sandals from Macy's, $98 on website, on sale in store. 
These are so comfortable and look amazing on.