I came across this gorgeous house while searching through Flickr photos the other day. I love everything about it. Not surprising that the person who lives here is a designer/photographer. It was a work in progress, kind of like my house. I love when people can see the potential in a home. It's more fun to make it your own anyway...
Such a sweet house. Love the bright orange planters.
The Madeline Weinrib camel zig zag rug is amazing. Supposedly she found it on ebay. Lucky! Also loving the oversized starburst mirror. It looks incredible over the fireplace.
A real Eames molded rocking chair goes for around $500. Here is a link to something similar off ebay for $149. Pair that with a Ludde sheepskin from Ikea for $39.99.
The wall of plates looks similar to Kelly Wearstler's design at The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. This is such an inexpensive way to make a fabulously chic wall.  You could find plates on ebay or at garage sales. I would love this in my house. I wish I had more wall space!
The all white kitchen is so crisp. The Saarinen table with the tole chandelier above is a great juxtaposition. A real Saarinen table goes for thousands, here is a link to a similar table from CB2 for $199. You can find tole chandeliers on ebay for $100-up.
This clothesline idea is so sweet! I have something similar in my house. Why frame everything? I like to mix some framed items with some unframed. 
The master bedroom is perfection. I adore the paint color and the pops of color. 
The daughter's room. Love the monogram pillows! I never would think to layer rugs like this, so creative.

Go check out the homeowner's blog for other ideas and inspiration.