I have been a fan of Cynthia Vincent clothing a shoes for a long time. I have an embarrassing amount of 12th St by Cynthia Vincent items in my closet. I really respond to her bohemian, vintage, aesthetic. Rejoice, because she has designed a less expensive shoe line for Target that hits stores April 18th!

On the left is the Target Version only $29.99. The wedges on the right is from her more expensive line sold at Shopbop for $405. I love that her Target line is just less expensive versions of her real line.

The flats on the left are for Target. Can't seem to find a price, but I believe they are in the $20 range because nothing is above $29.99. Cute! I will take those thank you! The flats on the right will run you $195. 

On the left are for Target $29.99. The ones on the right are from Shopbop for $350.

On the very same day April 18th Eugenia Kim's line for Target drops. I was in love the first moment I saw a Eugenia Kim hat. There is no one designing hats quite like her. I lust after every last one. Here is a preview of her line for Target. Loving the Havana inspiration! Prices range from $14.99-19.99